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When going through thousands of keywords, Keyword Studio saves me hours with grouping themes together and quickly gets me to developing out my content mapping from the full keyword universe. In fact, it saved me about 30 hours on my first keyword research project. Anything that saves me the grunt work of classification is a huge win and Keyword Studio helps me succeed with SEO at a faster pace than I would otherwise.

testimonials-thumb-micah-fisher-round Micah Fisher-Kirshner (Speaks at SMX) Zendesk, Senior SEO Manager

Keyword Studio is the keyword research tool I’ve hoped someone would build for as long as I’ve been an SEO. Exporting, gathering metrics, and refining huge lists of keywords coming from multiple sources, has long been the biggest headache for keyword researchers. If you’re tired of the grunt work of dealing with huge spreadsheets and unruly keyword sets, you’re going to love Keyword Studio.

Jarrod Hunt DigitalCurrent, CMO & Partner

Very quickly I fell in love and Keyword Studio became an integral part of my arsenal of weapons for keyword research. Keyword Studio easily and efficiently manages keywords by groups and saves a lot of time. Working with thousands of keywords at the same time in one place is a great advantage in comparison to other keyword research tools. Also no other keyword research tool on the market connects with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. There are no other keyword tools with drag & drop options like Keyword Studio! I am very qualified to talk about this, because I’m using or have used: Market Samurai, WordTracker, SECockpit, Keyword Researcher, Keyword Revealer, KeywordXtreme, Traffic Travis, Long Tail Pro Platinum, SKCA, Keyword Canine, Keyword Eye, Rank Tracker, Keyword Chief, Keyword Mass, KeywordMap Pro, Keywords Jeet. I really cannot find a similarity with any other keyword tool.

Erwin Kovacevic CEO and Founder Prvo Mesto

I found this tool extremely useful. I was really impressed with the hierarchical presentation and the overall layout of the tool. Keyword Studio definitely provides more focused results than the sometimes-too-broad results from Google Keyword Planner. I appreciated that when I first began using it. I love the hierarchical organization, UI and ease of exporting….awesome tool.

Patrick Garrity Zazzle, SEO Associate

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