About Us

Keyword Studio is a cloud-based keyword research platform for accelerated keyword research. Our keyword “workspace” approach helps professional SEOs and content marketers reduce complexity and save hours on each project by combining everything they need in one screen. Our software is a blend of automation for maximum productivity combined with manual control required to get just the results you want.

Our keyword research software is best suited to those that do a lot of keyword research such as agencies, affiliate marketers, content creators and Internet marketers.

Our Vision

SEO software should be designed to perfectly match each task at hand and all tasks should be integrated into a single simple workflow. We believe that SEO software should not only provide information to help you make great decisions but help you take action—-right there in the application. In other words, we want to put the “action” in “actionable.”

With that goal in mind we build software with unique features such as our patent pending Grouping Blocks™ which allow our users to do things they never could before. Our grouping blocks allow you to visualize and interact with complex hierarchical data like never before. For Internet marketers doing keyword research it gives them deeper insight and makes their work faster, easier, and ultimately better. Some have even said we make it fun.

Our goal is for Keyword Studio to become the industry standard for performing keyword research. And it looks like others recognize that potential, even in our Early Access release.

We see Keyword Studio as more than a “tool” but as the common platform for Internet marketers to perform and share keyword research with colleagues and clients. Much like the way Photoshop™ and Microsoft Word™ are standards in their areas.

We want to be the “Excel killer” — to completely replace Excel in the keyword research process. We’re not there yet. But that’s the vision.

The Invention

The “grouping block” is what makes Keyword Studio unique and provides never before available functionality. But how did they come about? Why were they invented?

“For 2 years I tried to make keyword research easier by coming up with a way to group keywords using rectangles because I thought they would make visualizing the relationships between keywords easier…but I could never make it work. One day, while sitting at a coffee shop working on the problem I sketched the solution.”

– Anthony Martello, Founder
As Anthony the founder tells it:

“I’d been trying to come up with a way to group keywords into a single list yet clearly communicate the hierarchical relationship between all of the keywords while also grouping them at the same time. Most tools were putting keywords into folders where you could not see the keywords in those groups until you opened the folder. I wanted them all on screen at once. So, off and on for two years, I tried various things. I really liked the idea of using rectangles to the left of the keywords to group the keywords but it wasn’t working. I kept trying to only use vertically elongated rectangles but it never worked. There was something missing but I didn’t know what it was. I kept putting the idea aside.

“One day while sitting at a coffee shop I was sketching an idea for a keyword research tool and I was determined that I was going to find a solution. The breakthrough came when I drew some horizontal rectangles too. The problem that had eluded me was that horizontal rectangles were needed to group parent concepts so that the rectangles for the child concepts could fit under them. As a final touch, to help users make the mental connection between the vertical and horizontal rectangles and see them as one thing, I took my pen, scratched out the line where the two blocks touched each other and that was it–the “grouping block” was born. I knew at that moment I was absolutely going to build this software.”

Here’s the original sketch from that day.

What’s Coming–The Development Roadmap

Keyword Studio is already unlike anything else out there. But there’s a lot more coming.

Here is a peek into some of what we’ve got in the works:

  • Periodic rank tracking — daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Ability to sort and filter
  • Additional tagging methods
  • Ability to collect related keywords into custom defined categories
  • Much more.
  • Seriously…much more!
We are engineering Keyword Studio to handle every scenario that a professional SEO will face when doing keyword research. To handle everything from performing keyword research for simple local business web sites to mammoth enterprise sites with millions of keywords across hundreds of thousands of pages.

The Company

Keyword Studio LLC is a privately owned and funded company.

Anthony Martello, Founder & CEO has been a senior marketing strategist and SEO working at Digital Current a large Internet marketing agency for the last 7 years. He’s developed SEO and marketing strategies for companies ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He has a BA in mathematics from Arizona State University. Oh…and he’s done a lot of keyword research.

Want to be part of Keyword Studio? Have a passion for keyword research? Want to help develop the next generation best practices for keyword research…and the platform that makes it possible? Get in touch. We are always looking for talented people with passion and drive. We’d love to hear from you.
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