Automatic Keyword Grouping

Automatically groups keywords into “page-ready”groups. Never manually group keywords again. It’s all automatic. Each group of keywords is instantly ready for you to target to a page on your site.

Save time with Automatic Categorization

Automatically group keywords into silos, themes or niches. Automatically builds a hierarchy so you can easily understand the relationship between keywords and quickly make decisions about which niches to target. Plus, use this information to structure your site or build microsites.

Select Target Groups with a Click

Easily select target groups with a click. Add keyword groups to your “keywords to target” list with just a click. Easily change your mind with a click too. All of your decisions are reversible.

Easy Customization

Easily combine keyword groups with drag & drop. See two or more keyword groups that would be great to target on the same page? Click and drag and you’re done. Plus, tons of other time customization features.

Beat Your Competition

Want to know if your site is strong enough to compete for any keyword? Keyword Studio tells you at a glance.

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