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I can create a superior keyword strategy in a fraction of the time.
Jason White VP of SEO and SMM, DragonSearch Speaks at SMX
Saves a tremendous amount of time. I love this tool. There’s nothing else like it.
Mike King Executive Director, Owned Media Speaks at SMX
It helps marketers make sense of complicated data and take action.
Kevin Mullett MarketSnare Speaks at SMX
Greatly reduces the work to come up with the content hierarchy and content strategy.
Mark Munroe SEORADAR Speaks at SMX


Build Keyword List
Select Groups

Quickly Build a Comprehensive Keyword Universe List

Experts agree that building keyword lists from diverse sources is more important than ever. Keyword Studio helps you do it easily.

Reduce Complexity and Save Time with these Unique Features

Professional Keyword Strategy Development with Fewer Spreadsheets thanks to our unique patent pending Grouping Block™ technology.

Save time with Automatic Categorization

Automatically group keywords into silos, themes or niches. Automatically builds a hierarchy so you can easily understand the relationship between keywords and quickly make decisions about which niches to target. Plus, use this information to structure your site or build microsites.    

Automatic Keyword Grouping

Automatically groups keywords into “page-ready”groups. Never manually group keywords again. It’s all automatic. Each group of keywords is instantly ready for you to target to a page on your site.

Select Target Groups with a Click

Easily select target groups with a click. Add keyword groups to your “keywords to target” list with just a click. Easily change your mind with a click too. All of your decisions are reversible.

Easy Customization

Easily combine keyword groups with drag & drop. See two or more keyword groups that would be great to target on the same page? Click and drag and you’re done. Plus, tons of other time customization features.

Beat Your Competition

Want to know if your site is strong enough to compete for any keyword? Keyword Studio tells you at a glance.

Synonym Engine™

The Synonym Engine is our trademarked and very powerful tool of finding the keywords you may have missed but your potential visitors are punching into their search. For example, enter “pool table” and the synonym engine automatically includes “billiard table” in your seed list!

All the Most Important Data At Your Finger Tips

You are not just limited to manipulating keywords in Keyword Studio. You have the information you need to make data driven decisions including Google search volume and CPC values are automatically pulled in for each keyword and critical decision making. Data such as your site’s ranking position in Google for each keyword, Competition scores, actual traffic to your target page, strength of your target page are available on demand. It’s a complete command center for your keyword research all in one easy to use workspace.

Integrated with The most important keyword sources and data

Google Analytics, Google Search Console

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When going through thousands of keywords, Keyword Studio saves me hours with grouping themes together and quickly gets me to developing out my content mapping from the full keyword universe. In fact, it saved me about 30 hours on my first keyword research project. Anything that saves me the grunt work of classification is a huge win and Keyword Studio helps me succeed with SEO at a faster pace than I would otherwise.
Keyword Studio has quickly become our go-to keyword research tool. Working with B2B clients, it can difficult and time consuming, finding low-hanging keyword opportunities in highly competitive and technical industries. Keyword Studio simplifies the process, reducing the number of tools and resources required to identify great keywords for our clients’ SEM strategies. Utilizing Keyword Studio, we have effectively cut our keyword research time in half, allowing our Search Marketing team to spend more time providing greater value to our client’s campaigns.
I love Keyword Studio because it enables me to source large amounts of keyword data from a variety of sources and quickly discover what actually matters. Keywords are logically bundled within an easy to understand architecture which enables a naturally efficient workflow. Simply put, Keyword Studio enables me to create a superior keyword strategy in a fraction of the time.
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The Keyword Studio money back guarantee offers that if at any time during the first 30 days you decide that Keyword Studio is not for you … we will happily issue you a refund.
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